How To Start Running eBook Review

When I was a young girl I watched how my father attempted to teach my mother how to drive a car – it was a disaster to say the least! After the second ‘lesson’ he gave up and got a professional in to do the teaching.

Thankfully there was no family murder and my mother ended up being a pretty good driver! :) I learned a very valuable lesson back then; never try to teach a spouse a new skill – leave it to the professionals.

Speaking of which; when my husband decided that he was ready to start running and lose the 15kg he had picked up because he had quit smoking I immediately decided to bring in a professional to get him started.

I’m not an expert or a professional at running but I’ve been running for quite some time and I know my way around. So I started doing some research into running programs for beginners.

There are literally hundreds of programs with every ragtag and bobtail toting programs that promise ‘running utopia’. But I know from experience and learning the hard way that getting started with running and sticking to it are the most difficult in the beginning.

How To Start Running by Jago Holmes is by far the most comprehensive and easy to follow running program for beginners that I found.

The program takes you as a beginner to running with little or no fitness through to a runner with a good level of fitness able to run 5km, with additional running programs to improve speed and even break your record.

About The Author

Jago Holmes is a personal trainer in the UK with over 10 years of experience under his belt. He works with people on a daily basis who want to start running whether it’s for fitness, weight loss or training for a race.

He has created a wide range of running Books and also presents many weight loss seminars along with his 8 week weight loss challenge.

6 Reasons Why You’ll Quit Running Within The First Two Weeks

#1 You don’t have clear goals
Goal setting plays an important role in the success of your running program. With this program you are guided from the idea stage through to the final stage of the goal setting process.

#2 You don’t understand what’s happening under the hood
The program looks at every aspect of running, shedding light on how your body adapts to running as you train – for those of you who get all cross-eyed (like me!), the explanations are simplified and dead easy to understand.

#3 You have a busy lifestyle with no time for running
One major reason why most new runners struggle to keep it up and eventually throw in the towel is because of time. How To Start Running shows you how to create a running schedule that fits in with your busy life.

#4 You lack motivation and you’re not seeing results
Beginners to running soon give up because they fail to see results; I mean why would you want to do something that’s not producing any results? With the program you will learn training techniques that will fast track your results and keep you motivated.

#5 You pick up an injury
New runners face many pitfalls especially when it comes to injuries, How To Start Running will teach you what not to do and avoid injury disasters.

#6 You burn out or get bored
Not eating the right foods to boost your energy levels, eating too much or too little and pushing your body too hard will cause burn out and boredom. How To Start Running takes the guesswork out of nutrition. You will know exactly what foods your body needs and how to boost your energy levels.

Using The How To Start Running Guide

My husband is a busy guy so I knew the program had to be simple to use with time saving strategies that show results. The How To Start Running Guide IS simple to use, it took him a Sunday afternoon to work through the guides.

The Theory Guide
 steers you through everything from; goal setting process, understanding the ins and outs of buying running shoes and how to know which ones are right for you to; the latest running technology and fun gadgets, diet, hydration and training.

The Practice Guide deals with everything from your very first steps as a runner through to running 5km. How to build your fitness, how to stretch, how to monitor your intensity and how to prevent injury, with 4 different workouts that build on each other you’ll breeze through to your first 5k.

If you have been toying with the idea to start running, have started running recently but you are struggling to make headway and you’re ready to give up or, if you’ve already given up and you’re looking for a way to start running again, you can with the How To Start Running program.

The reasons why people decide to start running are as many and as varied as the people themselves.

Whether it’s because you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes, reach your ideal weight and fit into that beautiful wedding dress, feel confident in yourself and your body again or because you want to prove something to yourself; every journey begins with just one small step.

You could download a free beginners running program from any number of sites, stick it on the refrigerator and hope for the best.

My experience with these free programs is that they are generic, not taking into account your current fitness levels, goals or knowledge regarding running – a recipe for failure.

Do yourself a favour, get the How To Start Running program and make it happen – you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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