5 Things The Big C Taught Me About Setting Goals And Change

Idon’t think I’ve ever achieved a goal I set for myself by chance. In fact just a few years back I was failing at every goal I thought I was setting for myself. I say ‘thought’ because that’s pretty much where it ended. I’d promise myself that I’d ‘start soon’ but never did. No wonder I was always failing.

The worst part about breaking promises to yourself year after year is that you end up believing that you can’t do anything. And besides that, if you can’t keep a promise to yourself then who do you really have to rely on?

We all have moments of clarity where the road forward is clear (can someone tell me why I’m hearing Jonny Nash sing ‘I can see clearly now in my head’?) :)

No seriously, we all have those moments and mine came the moment I was told I had Cancer. But in reality, we have the capability to create a moment of clarity every second of every day. We don’t have to wait for something dramatic to happen before we change.

What Has Having Cancer Got To Do With Setting Goals?

I didn’t know it back then but I started to use powerful tools to create the outcome I desperately wanted – to be healthy again. Obviously I achieved that outcome or you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

Now I can’t prove that if I didn’t do these things I’m about to tell you about that the outcome would have been different but that’s not the point. What counts is that I learned a valuable lesson; I AM the creator of my life, I facilitate change, change will not happen with wishful thinking.

You ARE The Creator Of Your Life, Stop wishful thinking and start facilitating change.

5 Goal Setting Tactics You Can Use Right Now To Change Your Life

Write A List Of Your Values

What are the most important parts of your life – your family, your religion, your health and fitness, your hobbies, your business? Once you have defined your values create and set your goals to include them.

Start Back-To-Front

The founder of IBM; Tom Watson gave three reasons for the success of the company;

  • He first created a clear picture of what he wanted his company to look like when it was done.
  • Then he defined how such a company would act and created a clear image of how IBM would act when it was done.
  • Thirdly; from the beginning stages of building his company, he acted that way.

Project Into The Future

‘What we think, we become’, sage advice from The Buddha. This is a good thing because it gives you complete control. The thoughts that dominate our minds are what we become. This makes goal setting essential to keep our minds focused. A chaotic mind is a lethal blow to achieving what we set out to do.

Don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious mind – to keep focused picture yourself already experiencing the success you seek. This is a great technique to keep the mind focused.

Concentrate Your Focus On One Project At A Time

When a light is switched on in a room, darkness dissipates. The light photons are not aligned and spread out in all directions effectively lighting the room.

If you take the same light photons, align them to move on the same wavelength in the same direction, you get a laser light which can be so strong that is will stretch all the way to the moon.

Turn your mind into a laser light by focusing on one project at a time and the sky is literally the limit.

Pray And Meditate

Regardless of what religion you are or what your beliefs are; make time everyday to vividly picture images of yourself after you have achieved your goal. Never forget your values and then ask for these things through prayer and meditation.

Moving Forward – Don’t sell yourself short any longer!

There are so many ways you can set goals for yourself – find one or two or even three ways that work for you and just do it. Take control of the power you have over your life. :)

I really hope this has been useful for you, if you have any techniques you use in your life or experiences you’ve had please share them in the comments below.