Trail running: six things novices must know

Trail running is a Top Running Tip because autumn is upon us in the northern hemisphere. Trail running has been popular in the U.S.A. for years, and now the United Kingdom is catching up, with events listed in the directory of the Trail Running Association in October across nine English counties with distances ranging from a minimum of 2.62 miles right up to 100 miles. No matter what you do, enjoy the great outdoors. Look around and enjoy the view. We live in a beautiful world, which is best appreciated by trail running.

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How trail running can change lives – the ultramarathon that is going international

in June and July 2016 the worlds of trail running and ultramarathons are becoming international in the form of the Silk Road Ultramarathon. But Trail running can start anywhere, without a running track or even a road! A novice runner would be well-advised not to start a running career with a trail run of any distance but the chance to run on grass or through woodlands offers new horizons to any runner.

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