Their first mile: an easy route for beginners

How far should a beginner aim to run? For an inexperienced runner, completing a first mile is a better first step than tacking 5,000m. So you can run a mile quite easily, try a simple one or two week campaign aiming to end up with you being able to run a mile without walking. Speed is just not important to a novice. Are you ready for your first mile? You can begin your plan right now if can walk at least for twenty or thirty minutes at time without stopping.

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A fitness plan to transform your running

If runners actually have a fitness plan they seldom follow it. Most people agree that regular exercise is good, but then admit that it’s hard to get round to it. Most runners say they would like to run every day if they could, but then go on to complain about how life gets in the way and/or they get injured if they overdo it. Sometimes things are so obvious they get ignored. In this short report we will show you a fitness plan to get you on the way to success in under a month.

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How to become a runner: top tips from a gold medallist

Could you make your New Year’s resolution to become a runner? Surely there’s no better time than the New Year to begin or revive your athletics career. Making progress at running is not something that can be achieved in a few afternoons because the physical and/or mental changes that will be needed when becoming a runner cannot be rushed. Commit to a steady plan to last at least two months recommended by Olympic champion Frank Shorter.

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Running at Christmas can help fight depression

Running at Christmas could be an antidote to the Christmas blues. With Christmas celebrations all around people often choose to forget how ed, that depression at this time of year can be a real problem.

It is a cold and dark time of year when the holidays can lead to awkward family disputes or crushing loneliness. But going out for a run just might help. Exercise in general, and running in particular, is a good way to fight stress. Even if you have never experienced a “running high” going out for a run is an escape from the stresses of unlimited jollity of the festive season.

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